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  Tania's Table - restaurant and catering - Chef Tania SigalEver since I can remember, I grew up around delicious food.

We gathered for dinner every night, and Mom's weekly menus would range from quail eggs, sophisticated salads, pressed duck a l'orange, salmon mousse and so on. Instead of Oreos and milk, my after-school snacks were chocolate truffles and freshly baked pastries.

As I got older, Mom begged me to come into the kitchen and learn the basics, but who had the time?

Once I got married, and dinnertime rolled around in my own home, I started calling mom for culinary tips. I started taking cooking classes once in a while and became a voracious reader any and all industry related materials. Baking became a hobby and I started selling cakes to friends.

In 1987, I entered the Kalhua baking contest where you had to use their liqueur in a cake. There were over 500 entries and wouldn't you know it, I won first prize! I decided to put the money I received it into good use and off I went to Ecole Lenotre just outside of Paris for a month. It was an intensive course that was hard work but I learned so much, it was one of the best experiences ever!

My confidence grew as I applied to Mark's Place where I worked pastry for about a year and at various restaurants as well. I taught cooking classes and soon enough everyone knew my name and connected it to food. Friends asked me to cook for their parties and a couple of years later I was catering full time.

Two and a half years ago a storefront became available and I grabbed it.

We are quite unusual because we offer such a variety of services. Of course we do catering for all types of events including rentals of linens, tableware and staff. We also have ready prepared foods, wonderful baked goods daily, and offer special menus for the holidays. We have evolved into a lunch restaurant during the week, with our menus changing daily. We email our clients on a weekly basis, so it's a very personal relationship we have with most of the people who walk through our doors. Needless to say, we have met so many new people; plus we are lucky enough to have repeat clientele whose loyalty and appreciation is beyond belief.

The cooking classes we offer on a monthly basis are a lot of fun! We take pleasure in teaching people easy, healthy recipes that they can prepare at home.

My mom has since passed, but she left me a legacy of her personal recipes of her 40 years of cooking which I cherish and enjoy each and every day in my kitchen. I am blessed to have had parents who came from Eastern Europe and who passed on to me their ethnic cuisine they knew when they were growing up. They immigrated to South America and I was brought up with Latin recipes added to the mix. Living in South Florida for so many years, my cooking style can only be called international. We have roots from so many places in the world that one dinner can have dishes from several different continents!

At the end of the day it’s all about sharing great food with family and friends!




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Tania's Table will cater to your requirements with a range of foods from modern Latin, Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisines.
Our aim is to provide quality home-cooked food and excellent service both at our restaurant and at our catered events.

We will be honored to create a special menu to suit your special occasion. We cater family and private functions,
corporate events, conferences, weddings, birthdays, christenings and all kinds of special functions.
Please contact us for more.


(F) 305.932.4449
18685 W. Dixie Highway.
North Miami Beach,
FL 33180